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New Book (Plan B)

After the great success of my book "Vado a vivere a New York" ,

(city which I enjoined immensely... before it fell apart),

we are now entering a new "Era" that I predicted and I called the "New Middle Ages".

Many are asking me what to do about that: stay with the sinking ship or abandon it.

Unfortunately, the destiny of  "Titanic" is sealed, and debating why it happened,

who's responsible, doesn't change the final outcome of the "unsinkable ship" sinking.

Working to save the ship is laudable, but pointless.

Instead, as it happened in the past, to survive the "Fall of the Empire"
you must be ready to move and prepare a "Plan B"  defining where to go, when and how.

Holding more than one passport and several residencies, can be very useful,

including setting up a place where you can hunker down during a pandemic and/or a war.
indeed, you must start preparing now, because it will become more difficult every day.

So, I am writing a new book

"Escape from New York and the Western World".

Containing the possible options, including "how to choose where to go and when", "countries to avoid and the ones to choose", "crooked immigration lawyers and good ones", "scams and, on the other side, scarsely publicized opportunities", "what they don't want you to know about a country", "international bank accounts", "investiments around the world", etc. Everything mostly based on my personal experiences.

I should finish to write my book in a few months, depending on international and personal events.

Yes, because as the previous books, it will be about my personal experience in collecting useful information for your "escape plan B".

In the meanwhile, if you are a member of my network,  you can write me and ask me questions.

Below is the mockup of the cover of my new book.

Yes, the taxi on the cover is not dashing anymore toward the Empire State building (as it was in the last edition on my previous book).

Now, the taxi is escaping New York and the Western World.


Escape from New York.jpg
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