Stefano Spadoni

Stefano Spadoni has been for years the US Correspondent for  Radio Monte Carlo (one of the biggest and more influential radio station in Europe),  US Correspondent from the United Nation, radio host on air on  “Big Apple Radio” from New York, and host and producer of videos for "Virgin Radio Television - Italy".

In addition, he has written/corresponded for La Repubblica (National daily), il Sole 24ore (financial daily similar to the WSJ), RAI (Italian national television), TV networks and several trade magazines.

He  is the author of two books in Italian published by Rizzoli (the second largest publisher in Italy) , including the bestseller, "Vado a vivere a New York" (I am moving to New York).

Stefano Spadoni is also the author of  the book in Italian "TrumpAmerica: la verità e le bugie sulla "vera America" e come Trump sta salvando gli Stati Uniti e la civiltà occidentale (se non lo fermano prima).

Stefano Spadoni co-founded and was the President in charge of the business oriented no profit "Emilia Romagna Network" with events organized in New York in cooperation with companies like Ferrari and Ducati.

He then created the "Stefano's Network" connecting over 11,600 individuals, professionals and companies in Italy and the USA.

In 2007 he created the group for charitable events "Tall Outstanding Women".
Stories about Mr. Spadoni's career (as a writer, radio host or career consultant and manager for women) have been published in Italian and American magazines and newspapers, including The New York Times.

Stefano Spadoni has been living for more than 20 years in the USA, mostly in New York City.


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