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Stefano Spadoni

I don’t like bios. Bios are for boring people, not for someone like me, born with a creative tickle in Bologna (Italy), then moved to Rome where I was enrolled in the “TP” (Italian Professional Advertiser Guild), creating advertising campaigns for food, fashion and manufacturing companies.
No, Italy was not the place to build my future, so one day I boarded a plane to New York (best place to make your dreams come true). That’s why New York is the city that never sleeps. Got it!
So, did I co-founded the “Emilia Romagna Network" a powerful business network with events organized in New York with companies like Ferrari and Ducati?  Guilty as charged!
What about the ”Stefano's Network" connecting over 11,600 individuals and businesses between Italy and the United States. Guess who started and managed that? (Hint, my name’s Stefano). Was that a creative way to do business?  Oh, yes, events with more than 500 participants and myself going around with a model holding my unique sign; “Stefano is here”. Crazy, maybe, but sure a really a creative way to connect people for business and entertainment. Yes, I always thought that entertainment and business go hand in hand.
What about the celebrities I met? Cannot deny it.
I don’t deny either that I advised many women for their career using my mantra “Brand yourself, Network and reach Success”? Yes I think that’s working both for people and companies, but you must be really creative.
Bragging? No, it’s not a “Tall tale” that I created the charitable group “Tall Outstanding Women”. (Please note that in the pictures with them I look short, the fact is that they are really TAAAAALLLL!)
Articles about me and my activities have been published on Italian and American media. Including the New York Times.
So, what else? Oh, yes, I was producer and host in 9 videos shot in New York for Virgin Radio Television (Italy).
All the above while dealing with my “triple creative personality”!
Writer US Correspondent and radio host, Image and Career consultant, creative content creator .
Started them in Italy, developed them in America.



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