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I created and promoted  the slogan “Brand yourself, Network and Reach Success" since 2003, in my image and career consulting, and also in my seminars at “Learning Annex”.

It all comes to a step by step creative process that I call "designing the Package”. 

Then you must market that “package” in a consistent creative way (today being in two worlds; real life and virtual, social media/meta-verse world).

Right now I am just available for commercial/corporate clients and committed to be successful influencers.

I have done a lot of pro-bono work in the past and I still maintain my commitment about that.

Indeed, as pro-bono work, I am available (on a case by case basis) only for individuals who have received my pro-bono advice in the past, including individuals who were members of groups that I created.

NOTE: the world is entering a new "era", what I call the "New Middle Ages". You should adapt your plans accordingly.

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