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After the great success of my book "Vado a vivere a New York" ,

(city which I enjoined immensely... before it fell apart),

we are now entering a new "Era" that I predicted and I called the "New Dark Ages".

Many are asking me what to do about that: stay with the sinking ship or abandon it.

So, I am writing a new book

"Escape from New York and the Western World".

I should finish to write this book in a few months,

depending on international and also personal events.

Yes, because as the previous book, it will be about my personal experience

in collecting useful information for your "escape plan".

My new escape plan started 8 years ago, but the next step is just months away.

Below is the mokeup of the cover.

Yes, the taxi on the cover is not dashing anymore toward the Empire State building (as it was in the last edition on my previous book).

Now, the taxi is escaping New York and the Western World in general.


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