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  Friday, January 19, 2018

NOTE: Stefano Spadoni keeps the utmost secrecy about individuals he advises or acts as a manager. Testimonies and pictures below are all voluntary and have been authorized in writing.
ENGLISH VERSIONDespite my rather technical background, I’ve always had a great interest for languages and writing as well as a real curiosity for ‘’psychological’’ aspects of relationships between men and women in our today’s society. When I discovered that Stefano Spadoni was looking...

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Elisa S.

Elisa S.

Last time we met in New York, Stefano Spadoni taught me about men's strategies and the enormous potential of a woman in charge of her own sexuality.

After I moved back to Italy, my ex-boyfriend reached me in Europe, we had 2 months of vacation together and he asked me to marry him which was completely unexpected.

Stefano has become my advisor for not only day-to-day guidance but also to achieve my dream of living in the United States a dream that, thanks also to him, is becoming a reality.

Elisa S. - Artist & Photographer -

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