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  Monday, October 23, 2017

NOTE: Stefano Spadoni keeps the utmost secrecy about individuals he advises or acts as a manager. Testimonies and pictures below are all voluntary and have been authorized in writing.
I read Stefano Spadoni's book and I found it to be simply wonderful.I was born in a little town where people often manipulate women to be sure they're unaware of their value.This mentality destroys dreams, desires and quite possibly changes your life to a direction that is heading towa...

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Ornella D.

Ornella D.

Stefano Spadoni's advice is precious, empowering and direct to the point of being harsh at times; it forces a woman to observe herself from a distance in order to see the truth. The woman becomes an impartial viewer of her life, and in that way she can learn how to put the pieces together and gain a new understanding. I am a teacher in a public school, and I have been living in New York since 2001. I have just finished a book, "Meglio così che peggio" (Better Like This Than Worse) about my experiences working with teens in special education. If I succeed in getting it published, it will be also thanks to Stefano.

Ornella D. - High School Teacher

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