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NOTE: Stefano Spadoni keeps the utmost secrecy about individuals he advises or acts as a manager. Testimonies and pictures below are all voluntary and have been authorized in writing.
In the short time that I have known Stefano he has helped me realize my weaknesses and is helping me overcome them.I am so glad that I have the opportunity to talk with him and learn from him. He has also given me the opportunity to network and meet people that otherwise I would have never met.St...

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Elena P.

Elena P.

I met Stefano Spadoni when I came to New York - we are both from the same region in Italy. I used to talk and listen to his advice because he was able to help women understand their potentials and power. After a while, I started working in the public relations office at the famous Rainbow Room. I still remember very clearly that one night, Stefano told me ?Love is very important, but you have many gifts and skills that you should take in more consideration. Try to become as more independent as possible, so you can be freer and stronger about every aspects of your life.?

I was able to combine my personal and social life and in 2001 I opened my own Italian restaurant in downtown New York called Mosto. Not only I was able to overcome the difficulties that followed the September 11th attack, but my 95-seat restaurant has become very successful in a city where new restaurants come and go. Today I am very happy, and I can say that Stefano Spadoni's advice influenced my life in a very positive way.

Elena. P. - Restaurateur

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