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NOTE: Stefano Spadoni keeps the utmost secrecy about individuals he advises or acts as a manager. Testimonies and pictures below are all voluntary and have been authorized in writing.
The advice that I have received from Stefano Spadoni has not only shed light on the way the different sexes think, but it has also revealed how I interact with both men and women. Before speaking with Stefano, I had alot of misconceptions about the way men and women think, but now I understand th...
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The book is being translated (or is under translation) into several languages an some chapters and synopses are already available. If you would like to read them or to translate the book into your language please  (click here).

Sentences from the Book

The following are sentences extrapolated from the book. Chapters differ greatly.

Many women think that a night of sex with a man is an equitable exchange of pleasure. That is not true. It's like exchanging a pound of diamonds for a pound of potatoes.

Men have always mixed their careers and private lives. In an extremely clever turn, they convinced women to keep these two lives separate.

Some men are scared to death of women figuring out their secrets, because they value their dominant place in the world and understand just how much they have to lose. Knowing and accepting the truth gives a woman unlimited power.

 ... a woman can greatly improve her
chances of achieving what she wants in love and career if she puts herself in the right places at the right time, showing the image she wants to project

 ...a woman should never judge a man by what he says; she should look at what he does for her and her future.

Women have a credit card that men accept everywhere in the world: themselves as women. This is the key to a woman's success in any aspect of life: using her card wisely.

 A woman is constantly thinking during her life, “Who would I like to have sex with”? while a man is constantly thinking, “Who can I afford to have sex with”? and to a larger degree, “How can I convince that woman to have sex with me”?

In a man's eyes, there is a big difference between the kind of woman he would marry and the kind of woman to date.

The cultural microchip
works as a switch that cuts off links between the brain and action when it comes to a woman's sexual life. The smartest woman can be really dumb when it comes to managing her sexuality. That's why the key to a woman's success is the removal of the cultural microchip.

 A successful deal occurs when two parties mutually agree that the conditions of the contract are the best they can negotiate. That's right, a man will commit only when he thinks that a woman is the best deal he can get not only for the current time, but also for the future.

 Whether you make your mind up to be a full-time, stay-at-home mom or climb Mt. Everest, how you spend your time on this planet should be YOUR decision.

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Book Summary

What Men Don't Want You To Know, Revealed by a Man, by Stefano Spadoni is a manual for women searching to become successful in love and life. Based on the "secret," innate strategies used by men since the beginning of the human race, this revolutionary self-help book reveals and decodes strategies for women to understand and adopt for themselves.

Using these strategies, which the author defines as marketing techniques, the book teaches women how to have happiness by finding the man, the job and the life of their dreams. The author debunks common perceptions about men, women and sexual dynamics reinforced in today's culture and teaches the reader to look at these elements in a new, radical light that will forever change the way they view themselves and everyone around them.

With clear, easy-to-understand examples and direct language, readers will learn how to see the world through men's eyes and become more confident, strong and successful versions of themselves. To reinforce the concepts in the book, the author has created a series of exercises that allow the reader to internalize and put these new techniques into practice. If these exercises are done properly and thoroughly, the reader can transform herself.

 This groundbreaking text revolves around the following concepts:
  • A woman can view her life as a business; as the CEO of her own corporation, and the steps she needs to take to maximize her company's assets and produce the highest profits.
  • The power of networking and the necessity of linking your professional and personal lives.
  • A woman's real financial worth and how this yields a tremendous amount of power.
  • Society's "cultural microchip" implanted in women and how it rules all aspects of their lives, including attitudes about sex and sexuality.
  • The power to say yes or no and how it influences a woman's life.
  • Sex appeal: learning how to understand it and use it to your advantage.
  • The existence of "real love" and how to find it.
  • Learning how to think like men, not act like them.
  • The significance of image and how to give yourself an image makeover.
  • How image, intelligence and independence are the keys to achieving your goals.
  • How to counteract men's marketing approach to sex and life, and their "secret" strategies in personal life and in the workplace.
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Table of Contents: Highlights

There are 84 chapters of the book,
including 32 Exercises and an appendix, here are some highlights:

* A Woman, A Corporation
* A Woman's Worst Enemy: Wasting Time
* A Woman Has A Credit Card: What About The Expiration Date And The Credit Limit?
* Managing Investments And Debts
* The Right To Say Yes Or No: How Men Have Turned A Disadvantage Into A Big Advantage
* Why Men Misrepresent Themselves And Tell Lies
* Why Do Men Have A Secret World?
* Being Your Real Self
* The Woman's Cultural Microchip
* Don't Act Like Men, Think Like Men
* How To Determine Your Worth
* The “$1,000 Test” That Can Change A Woman's Life
* Romance: The Most Important Invention Of Man-Kind?
* What About Real Love?
* How To Determine If A Man Really Loves A Woman
* The Most Important Thing A Woman Has: Her Image
* Men's Best Lines And Why Women Fall For Them
* Why Some Men Like Power, Money Or Other Things Even More Than Sex
* How To Be Comfortable With Men
* Men And Dates: Some Advice
* Real Sex Goddesses And Conditions After Having Sex
* Capitalize On Being A Woman

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Why this Book is Special

Even if you are already in a stable relationship or you are not interested in having a relationship with a man, you need to know how men really think and which secret strategies they employ. Men are almost always in charge in every area of society, so you must deal with them successfully if you want to achieve your goals, whatever they are.

I have studied hundreds of men and women and how they interact with each other and the world around them. Something always strikes me: the ability of men to use a battle proven marketing approach to life that gives them a definitive advantage over women. Even if, in today’s world, men are greatly disadvantaged in comparison with women.

 For instance, in the USA (as in other western countries) women:

    _     are 51% of the population
    _     on average they live longer than men
    _     own more than 50% of the wealth of the country
    _     have full control over procreation- a man needs a woman’s cooperation and consent in order to have a baby
    _     have equals rights under the law
    _     have a highly valuable sexuality (men crave for it)
    _     live in a technological world where physical strength is not a factor of superiority anymore
    _     can vote since 1920 at the federal level, earlier in some states

So why men are still in control of political, judicial, cultural and financial institutions?

Why do women make less money working the same job and why do many of them do not get what they deserve from life?

The old excuse that women cannot succeed because they are discriminated against by men cannot totally explain this aberration.

My reasoning will be still true even if we are going to have the first woman President, and certainly women’s lack of representation in the past has not been due to lack of interest!

The simple reason why men are so successful is that they use proven marketing strategies in their lives and in controlling women, while the majority of women are not even aware of them. The few women who are aware of them and use them end up incredibly successful, so men try to keep these strategies secret and spread disinformation to cover them up.

This book is intended for women who want to achieve more in their lives, who desire better careers, real love, money, success and happiness. Women could get more out of men in today’s advanced society, but few women achieve anywhere near as much as they deserve. Why?

Because we live in a society that blocks women’s minds and prevents them from reaching their goals, one of the biggest limits is the way in which women think about men.

What Men Don’t Want You to Know tells you about the “secret male world” and how to use this knowledge to improve your life. Think of this book as a decoder, a blueprint of the company you are dealing with when selling or buying its products. Once you understand what the company’s real plan is, you’ll be able to predict its next move, giving you a decisive advantage.

The celebrated book "He is not that into you", for instance, basically tells women that if they are rejected by men there is nothing to be worried about, they have just move to another more suitable date. To me, it is like saying that if nobody wants to hire you, you should just to go to another job interview. Well, if nobody wants to hire you, it means either that you apply for jobs you are not qualified for, so you have to change your target, or in order to get a suitable job, you should change your resume, get a degree, be more realistic about your salary expectations, or change the city you live in. In any case, you must do something if you want to achieve your goals, not just moving on to the next date or interview.

Many women have asked me: “Why are you exposing your gender’s own closely guarded secrets?”

Women have always played an important role in my life and disclosing to me their world has helped to improve my life.  In sum, I owe a lot to women because they taught me the value of insider information.

My mother was the head of the family. She also was the parent with a driver’s license, and she was almost completely in charge of my education. As I realized later, she raised me with a strong woman’s perspective on life. I am a straight man, and having the opportunity of seeing life from a woman’s perspective, I soon realized that women have something self-limiting in them and I wanted to study what it was.

In the following years, I studied and interacted with women and I harvested insights of their world. The process was similar to learning a foreign language; the more you study and develop your vocabulary, the better you will be able to communicate with others. The more you speak that language, the more native speakers are inclined to teach you new words. Having spent so much time with women, I learned their language, but having lived as a man my entire life, I know the male language too, and I’ve made many observations along the way.

But how can this book tell you about the “secret male world” and furthermore, what makes me so qualified to talk about it?

Beyond being male, the first step in knowing a lot about men was my going to Rome during my University years. There I spent my time with probably the most sophisticated, experienced and “professional” lady-killers in town, both Italians and from other countries too.

I am not just talking about men who picked up women on the street, in bars or at parties, but also men with PHDs who went to art exhibits, political assemblies, cultural events and were considered by women sometimes shy, often romantic and in any case very sincere and forthcoming while the were simply acting that way.

These men taught me many tricks of the trade and I further noticed that the same tricks are used by the average Joe, even if in a more primitive way. In those years, my previous special knowledge of the female universe pushed me to continue studying the relationship between men and women to understand the mechanisms between them in terms of power and control.

As a result I used any opportunity to study people around me and I  started spreading my ideas with the women I met, giving them advice and better knowledge of the male world.

After moving to New York, I wanted to see if it all worked in a different society and if the men in the USA used the same strategies. They do, with just a few cultural adaptations.

I then continued studying men and women, also using my large international network (that today has reached over 9,800 people) originating from my inner circle of women friends.

I also continue to advise women about improving their life in different areas, as you can see from the numerous testimonials on my Web Site.

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