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NOTE: Stefano Spadoni keeps the utmost secrecy about individuals he advises or acts as a manager. Testimonies and pictures below are all voluntary and have been authorized in writing.
During my stay in New York City in 2001, Stefano Spadoni ?adopted? me and my sister. Stefano has been able to look inside me as few people?especially men? have been able to do. During a difficult time for me personally and professionally, he has listen to me and advised me. He taught me many thin...

Talents' Testimonies

NOTE; Stefano Spadoni keeps the utmost secrecy about individual he advises. Testimonies below have been specifically authorized in writing.

Stefano has such a clear eye for what is positive and what is lacking in one's performance. Only one session and already he's given me so much insight into my image at present, what it could and should be in the future, and how to connect the two. Everything is tailored specifically to my personal goals and it is clear that each piece of advice resulted from both keen observation of my specific characteristics as well as careful thought. Also, I can implement his ideas right away and am very excited by the changes I am already experiencing

Desi (Adesina Sanchez) - click here to read more about her

Stefano has provided me with priceless suggestions and strategic business recommendations.He has offered advice from important decision-making, to understanding and using specific tools for this market. He has been working with me in creating an effective and individualized strategy to improve my career, and maximize my potential as a working actress.Stefano identified areas in my career approach that may benefit with development and has offered ideas and thoughts on how to refine them. So far, all of his advice and suggestions have worked! In this short time, I already have a better understanding on what needs to be done to actually achieve my goals. Stefano, thanks so much for opening my eyes.

Janet Miranda (click here to read more about her)

When I first met Stefano, after admiring the colorful bow-tie, I realized very quickly from his words that he was a worldly businessman who really " knew what he was talking about". Soon after, I found out that he had a reputation of success proceeding him and I wanted to learn more. After just one session, I can see why his way of thinking produces results. His direct, "tell it like it is" approach and poetic way of communicating life strategies has been extremely insightful. Stefano has caused me to re-think my paradigms of gender roles in society and consider more fully how I can maximize my assets as a woman to achieve what I want in life. He is teaching me how to re-work my image, internally and externally, to be a more empowered individual. I am so excited to be advised by Stefano and I have no doubt that putting his advise into practice will be an integral part of achieving the level of success that I want.

Sena Khoda (click here to read more about her)

"I arrived a young, disoriented girl in the big city - New York and then I met the man with the bow tie - Stefano Spadoni. He brought so much into my life in such a short time that I can only imagine what his advice can bring in the long run.Stefano taught me that I can't only count on my talents to achieve my goals but I have to improve myself physically, mentally and emotionally. Stefano told me in detail how to focus and work towards what I need and he pointed out all my mistakes - the mistakes which have probably kept me back and stopped me from getting what I want in life.I feel very lucky and privileged to have met Stefano and I know what he has taught me will have an effect for the rest of my life."

Arune Kital (click here to read more about her)

I've been applying Stefano Spadoni's principles into my life for the past year and a half and I must admit, they've worked wonderfully. It's not very often that a woman can meet a man in New York City and not worry about his pursuit of sexual innuendo's. However, that was before I met the great, Stefano Spadoni. I was completely taken aback by Stefano's keen interest in the empowerment of women.  He is an advocate of women knowing their value and self-worth and how to apply this knowledge in the pursuit of success in one's respective career goals.
Whenever Stefano and I have our one-on-one conferences, Stefano becomes my coach and he and I are devising the master game plan that is sure to lead to great victory.
Thanks to Stefano, I have a greater appreciation of New York City and the endless possibilities to fulfill my goals and wildest dreams right here in the greatest city on earth. I have also embraced the fact that I am a beautiful, tall, slim, sexy, intelligent and talented woman and these attributes are to be highlighted and not devalued.  There was a time I didn't want to stand out or seem as though I was bringing attention to myself, but Stefano let me know that it was more than okay to do so without fear or shame, because, I'm finding Yanelle.

Peace & Blessings,


Stefano Spadoni has an amazing ability to tap into a woman's psyche. Stefano helped me discover my concealed strength and femininity by helping me realize my true potential as a female and an individual. As a result I was able to attract more important clients and create better business opportunities for myself. Stefano is a truly unique & remarkable man because he wants to elevate women to become the true goddesses that they were born to be. Thank you Stefano for being you and for opening my eyes to myself.

The advice that I have received from Stefano Spadoni has not only shed light on the way the different sexes think, but it has also revealed how I interact with both men and women. Before speaking with Stefano, I had a lot of misconceptions about the way men and women think, but now I understand that in order to be successful in this business, I must change my reasons for interacting with people. He encouraged me to create opportunities in places that I may have not considered before, either because I was being dismissive of an individual based on appearances or because I failed to see the importance of certain opportunities to my career. In this short time, he has taught me that the most powerful women use all their assets - intelligence, beauty, talent, and sex appeal - to achieve success. Most importantly, he has shown me that there is nothing wrong with using all I have to achieve all I want. Thank you, Stefano.

Dionne Figgins (click here to read more about her)

Even though my background and hard work had opened many doors for me in life - it seemed that I was not focused enough on what I was pursuing career-wise. To put it bluntly I had not the slightest clue on what to do with my life.
Even though I received offers from prestigious employers in the finance industry I sometimes still doubted myself whether I was capable.
Only slowly did I become aware of inherent gender roles. Realizing I could not achieve certain career goals in the way men did. And I found that good looks as a woman could often cause more headaches than be a blessing. I became increasingly insecure as how to set my goals and handle awkward situations with men.
This insecurity extremely aggravated when I first came to New York.
But through a lucky coincidence I met Stefano Spadoni who has been my trusted guide ever since. Because of him I eliminated my insecurities and instead feel I can conquer the world if I only want to.
Among countless life lessons Stefano has shown me that:
- Women are far more capable than they think they are. Helping me understand why we always undervalue ourselves has broken boundaries that don't hinder me anymore to reach for the stars.
- I have to put myself first. Be loving, but only to those that deserve it ˆ I realized how much time and  effort I spent on giving and how little I was receiving in return.
In this short time Stefano has become not only my coach but also my close friend. I know I can trust him and he is just amazing in the effort he puts in observing me and evaluating how I interact with my environment.
Everyone who receives advice from Stefano will have a completely different story to tell because all the advice he gives is precisely tailor-made for each woman
It is breath-taking to witness how a small change in mind-set can
create a storm that turns your life upside down. Thank you Stefano for opening my eyes and letting me strut through life like a princess.

Gesche H. - click here to read more about

The advice that Stefano Spadoni has given me thus far has open my eyes to opportunities that I was aware of, but afraid to pursue.His subtle strategies and advice has given me strength and motivation to obtain what I NEED to become successful in this ferocious jungle.

Valeria Tignini (click here to read more about her)

I have always been an ambitious and aggressive woman, but had a hard time really channeling my energies in the right direction. Stefano consolation sessions and expert advice has helped me to focus and finally start moving in the right direction in my career and as a person in general. I find that I am now really recognizing my full potential and worth as a woman and as an entertainer. My confidence levels have sky rocketed partially due to Stefano's thoughtful and insightful personalized advice. He has inspired me to realize that anything is possible if you have a plan, stick to it, and believe in yourself.

Cara Castronuova (click here to read more about her)

Stefano Spadoni is a big, big name in my life and I would like to thank him very much because every time I had problem, or I did not know where to do, what to do or what to think, he was the one that was always standing next to me. Either it was modeling or acting, he always gave me the best advice for my career and his consulting was very, very helpful for me.His book What Men Don't Want You to know is an amazing book that you definitively should read because it gives you guidance in your life, and a lot of advice about how not getting hurt.

Ivana Garajova (click here to read more about her)

Stefano Spadoni might be a man of few words but, most often, those simple tidbits provide enough wisdom and insight to last a life time. He's proven to be successful in his consultation career and I feel truly blessed to have the opportunity to learn from his many years in the entertainment industry. By emphasizing certain techniques and management skills in even just the day-to-day processes I've increased my work output tremendously. This business is really about focus and perseverance. Stefano's advice helps bring my abilities and talent in line with the commitment necessary make my dreams a reality.

Jessica Minhas (click here to read more about her)

In the short time that I have known Stefano he has helped me realize my weaknesses and is helping me overcome them.I am so glad that I have the opportunity to talk with him and learn from him. He has also given me the opportunity to network and meet people that otherwise I would have never met. Stefano is very knowledgeable and I can really see myself growing through the counseling sessions with him. I look forward to this process and I know that his help with get me that much closer to becoming a supermodel.

Anise Naber Morris (click here to read more about her)

The Celebrity Project has only been in effect for about 2 weeks so far, but I have learned so much and have taken a few steps ahead since I have been advised by Stefano Spadoni. I think I have grown as a women and I view my goals and the way I am going to achieve them in a new light. I am going to fully take advantage of the advice I am given from Stefano Spadoni.

Sysamsbe Moore (click here to read more about her)

In the short time I've known Stefano, he has imparted many wisdoms. The one-on-one career sessions have been invaluable in terms of helping me take stock of professional and personal ambitions, strengths, weaknesses, & areas in need of change. With so many years in the business, and an extensive network of Industry contacts, Stefano speaks first-hand about the pathway to success. He has already given me a lot of perspective on my career, and begun to introduce me to the tools that will take me to the next level. He is a charismatic & inspiring source of motivation, and it is an honor to be a part of his exciting networking group.

Kimmie Fadem (click here to read more about her)

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