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NOTE: Stefano Spadoni keeps the utmost secrecy about individuals he advises or acts as a manager. Testimonies and pictures below are all voluntary and have been authorized in writing.
Stefano has such a clear eye for what is positive and what is lacking in one?s performance. Only one session and already he?s given me so much insight into my image at present, what it could and should be in the future, and how to connect the two. Everything is tailored specifically to my persona...

Talent Development & Management
for Women in the Entertainment and Media Industry


"Being recognized" -if it is managed correctly- can create or solidify fortunes, or simply help to live a more fulfilling life.
In this contest, developing and managing their image has become of paramount importance also for individuals who want to achieve a better social status or keeping and improving the one that they already enjoy.

This approach becomes a "make it or break it" life decision for women because they have to timely exploit their windows of opportunity and adapt the
ir strategy to the passing of time.

Stefano Spadoni specializes in unique techniques developed for women that can create and manage the "most effective image" to achieve, or keep, what a woman wants. 

He is not just motivating and supporting toward ultimate success, but he is actively creating the new "persona" to be used as the tool to achieve the results she wants.

If a woman wants to succeed in the entertainment industry, become a celebrity, succeed in politics or be recognized at a national or international level in any area of business, she can achieve this through a step by step process that Stefano Spadoni calls "designing & marketing the package".

Today, "designing & marketing the package" is essential not only for female actors, models and entertainers, but also for the larger category of new "celebrities," as well as TV hosts, anchors, controversial book authors, nationally and internationally recognized professionals, celebrated restaurant owners, sport and political commentators, spokespersons, testimonials, CEO of private and public companies, and politicians.

This technique is similar to what a company uses to market its products or services, but it also includes additional insights into the "snags" that men try to put in the way of women to prevent them from being successful. As a consequence of this training, women are not just able to avoid wasting time and opportunities, but also to turn to their advantage what usually society uses to "freeze" them in their tracks and career.

Stefano Spadoni specializes in designing this entire personalized package, including precious advice to women about how to achieve results and not be stopped, delayed or taken advantage of by society (in most cases by men), both in a woman’s private life and career.

This "Package", includes but is not limited to:
  • Establishing her goal
  • Creating her angle to success
  • Redesigning her imagine and improving it through continuous image consulting
  • Coaching her in how to manage her image daily to get results
  • Integrating personal and business life
  • Helping her to stay focused on her goals
  • Teaching her and adapting specific techniques to use when dealing with people in specific businesses
  • Training in specific marketing techniques for her business that can fit her style and personality
  • Dealing with the press and using it as an advantage
  • Advising about specific situations that can arise day to day
  • Avoiding the most common mistakes in life and business
  • Periodically updating her personalized strategy to success
  • Helping the talent to overcome lack of focus, frustration, personal failures, scams and wasting time

These new found skills can make the difference between success and failure, and can help a woman to get that needed edge over others.

In New York alone there are thousands of women, many of them smart and good-looking, who are determined to break into the entertainment/celebrity industry at any cost. The problem is that almost all of them just use the same approach and appear to have the same image. In addition they do not know how to grab the "good opportunities” and make better use of their time.

In this scenario most often make it or break it becomes more a factor of luck, and you cannot base your life on luck.

Getting results is based on the "angles" and the "strategies" used in playing the game. Stefano Spadoni teaches how to adapt angles and strategies to each woman's different skills and personality.

He uses his proprietary methods of training, career consulting, advising, and specific marketing techniques.

(Celebrity Campus is a career consulting program created by Stefano Spadoni)

Remember that you must be at least 18 years old to receive advice, counseling or attending Stefano Spadoni's classes. In navigating this web site, requesting and receiving advice and consulting you implicitly acknowledge and approve all the conditions contained in the disclaimer.

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