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NOTE: Stefano Spadoni keeps the utmost secrecy about individuals he advises or acts as a manager. Testimonies and pictures below are all voluntary and have been authorized in writing.
I had the honor to work with Stefano Spadoni and the pleasure to appreciate his way of approaching each day with overwhelming energy and optimism. His deep knowledge of women and men -as his book reveals- makes him capable of sharing his experience in a simple and effective way.He has been an imp...

Image & Personal Management for Women


Why women who are smart, skilled and beautiful, outside and inside, cannot achieve the success, social status and satisfying private life they deserve?
Because they are not aware of some strategies that can really make the difference.

"All you need to change your life is to change the way you see things. Then learn some basic strategies women often do not know" says Stefano Spadoni. (

This is the concept behind the special consultation program: REDESIGN YOUR LIFE.

Stefano Spadoni's unique tools can give a woman an edge in:

  • Crisis management
  • Personal image management and development to achieve specific results
  • Managing relationships that can improve or destroy her life and/or career
  • Turn the tricks of the trade used against women into tools to be used for her advantage
  • Using the internet (both social network and personal communications to create and develop a stronger more effective personality and persona. Not to mention develop and groom more useful personal and business relationships
  • Managing successfully intricate personal situation seeing with clarity what is the most appropriate section to take to achieve her goals
  • Managing out of the ordinary situation, including making dreams come true

Each woman who wants to succeed in any area (including having a more successful private life), must master a process that Stefano Spadoni define as "creating and marketing the right package."

Today, "creating and marketing the right package" is essential for any woan, not only actors, or models, TV hosts, anchors,controversial book authors, nationally and internationally recognized professionals, celebrated restaurant owners, sport and political commentators, spokespersons, testimonials, CEO of private and public companies, and politicians.
Not to mention who wants to achieve a better social status or keep and improve what they already enjoy.
These techniques are similar to the marketing strategies companies use to market their products or services, but differ in some essential keys because the must be adapted to each individual's personality and goals.

This "Package", includes but is not limited to:
Establishing goals and strategies to achieve them
Creating a personalized angle to success
Redesigning the personal and business imagine and improving it through continuous image redefining
Coaching the client in how to manage daily a specific image to get results
Integrating personal and business life
Helping client to stay focused on the established goals
Teaching the client specific techniques to use when dealing with people in different situation of life and business
Training the client in specific techniques that can fit one's individual natural style and personality
Advising about specific situations that can arise day to day
Avoiding the most common mistakes in life and business
Periodically updating each personalized strategy to success
Helping client to overcome lack of focus, frustration, personal failures, practical and emotional scams and wasting time

These acquired skills can make the difference between success and failure, and can help each individual to get that needed edge over others.

"Stay true to yourself - you do not need to change who you are - but you can carefully modify the way people perceive you." says Stefano Spadoni

This will dramatically improve your chances of getting what you deserve, either in having a more successful career, fixing a relationship or starting a new one, empower yourself, having a more suitable circle of friends, and even marrying the person you want, whatever your goal is.

Stefano Spadoni's strategies are really unique and in revealing them he has helped many women achieve important career and personal goals, exploit their inner skills, develop the right image, achieve or maintain a winning social status, find their real "mission" in life, secure the right relationships, and get what they deserved. See testimonials on this web site).

hen consulting women, Stefano Spadoni also include additional insights into the "snags" that society and some men try to put in the way of women to prevent them from being successful, or just "freeze" them where they are, stopped, delayed or taken advantage both in their private life and career.

Do you feel something is missing in your private life or career? Why are you not as successful and as happy as you should be?

What is stopping you from having what you deserve? What is keeping you from living your life to the fullest? What if you could unleash your inner power and get what you want from life?

Stefano Spadoni's consulting and advice is about EMPOWERING WOMEN and it can be especially helpful to a woman:
  • who wants to reach the best in any field of her life
  • who understand that having a career is very important to achieve independence and happiness
  • who wants to achieve success in the entertainment and media-related industries
  • who wants to be successful with men and wants to obtain the best from them
  • who wants to change her life and have a fresh start
  • who finds it difficult to focus on her goals
  • who wants to become socially successful
  • who really wants to improve her life
In New York alone there are thousands of women, many of them smart and good-looking, who are determined "to make it" or to achieve a better social status (or to keep what they already have) or to find the right relationship or to keep one.
The problem is that almost all of them just use the same approach and appear to have the same image. Many commit irreparable mistakes without even being aware of that.
In addition they do not know how to grab and exploit "good opportunities” and make a better use of their time.

These women include talents who want to reach success in the entertainment or any other image-related industry, in politics or be recognized in any area of business at national or international level. Not to mention women who want to achieve a better social status or keep and improve what they already enjoy.

Do you really want to be happier and more accomplished?
Do you want to get the success you deserve?
Would you like to cease making "serial mistakes?"
Would you like to be with the right person and create a healthy relationship
which include your career?

Do you want to know what men really want (in relationships and at work)
and don't want you to know?

Stefano Spadoni's effective techniques can show you how.
Stefano Spadoni's strategy is really unique and he has helped many women achieve important career goals, get married, exploit their inner skills, overcome their fears and get what they wanted.

All that just by applying a few basic easy techniques he is teaching.

In these difficult economical times, is even more important for a woman to stay on course and adapt to even more challenging situations.

Stefano Spadoni, using his unique proprietary analysis and marketing techniques, will help you get to the bottom of your problems and discover what you can do to redesign your life and have a fresh start.

Many women commit "serial mistakes", committing the same mistake over and over again, and as a consequence, they destroy their future. Stefano Spadoni will help you understand that specific mistake  you make, so you can prevent it from happening again.

You have a brand new life to gain. Why don't you start it RIGHT NOW!

Remember that you must be at least 18 years old to receive advice, counseling or attending Stefano Spadoni's classes. In navigating this web site, requesting and receiving advice and consulting you implicitly acknowledge and approve all the conditions contained in the disclaimer.

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