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  Thursday, November 17, 6822

NOTE: Stefano Spadoni keeps the utmost secrecy about individuals he advises or acts as a manager. Testimonies and pictures below are all voluntary and have been authorized in writing.
"Working on What Men Don't Want You to Know gave me insights I might never have had otherwise. Stefano's ability to unveil the true motives behind most men's intentions cracked open the widely held beliefs I had been fed from years of "brainwashing". Fortunately for...

Table of Contents

These are the 84 chapters of the book,
which also contains 32 Exercises and an appendix.

Why This Book Is So Special

Be Careful

A Woman, A Corporation

The Lottery Game

A Woman's Worst Enemy: Wasting Time

Wasting Time Because Of Men

The ?40 Seconds? FBI Rule You Should Follow

A Woman Has A Credit Card: What About The Expiration Date And The Credit Limit?

A Woman's Life Is Like An Athlete's Career

Managing ?Investments And Debts?

Why Being ?Smart? Or Attractive Is Not Always An Advantage

Don't Be Fooled: Men And Women Are Truly Different

Men And Women: The Different Approach To Power And To Life

The Right To Say Yes Or No: How Men Have Turned A Disadvantage Into A Big Advantage

The ?Marketing Approach?

How Men Develop A Marketing Approach Earlier In Their Life

The Concept Of Price And How It Influences A Man's Life

Real And Subjective Value

Collateral Price: What A Man Gets For ?Free? And What He Could End Up Paying

Are Men ?Scared? Of Liberated Women?

The Judge And The Defendant

Why Men Misrepresent Themselves And Tell Lies

Why Do Men Have A Secret World?

How Does Having A Secret World Help Men?

Being Your Real Self

The Woman's Cultural Microchip

Why Does Society Implant The Cultural Microchip?

How Does The Microchip Work?

Why Most Women Can't Bear The Truth And How This Works For Men

Are Men Aware That They Are Using The Cultural Microchip?

Don't Act Like Men, Think Like Men

?Minimum Value? First

How To Determine Your Worth

?Liberated Women?

Women Are Often A Bargain For Men

The ?$1,000 Test? That Can Change A Woman's Life

Tactics And Strategy

Sex, Money And A Woman's Life

Your Muleta: Learn To Use It To Avoid Serious Injury Or Death

A Woman: The Treasure Inside A Safe

Romance: The Most Important Invention Of ?Man-Kind?

What About Real Love?

How To Determine If A Man Really Loves A Woman

Being A Good Dog Owner

The Myth

Love, Sex And Sexual Intercourse: The Man's Advantage

The Human Male, The Most Adaptable Creature On Earth

The Nature Of The Beast

Frigid Women And Quickies

The Missing Bone: Why Men Will Take Two For One Anytime

Boy Toys And Older Women

LWI ? Living While Intoxicated ? A Woman's Big Mistake

The Most Important Thing A Woman Has: Her Image

Don't Change Who You Are, Just Change Your Image

Change Your Image And You Change Your World

The Cage: Escape It

?Does He Love Me????Do I Like Her??

Men's Best Lines And Why Women Fall For Them

The Concept Of ?Basic Service? And Mr. Right

Men Have ?Rules?

Good Men: Why A Woman Can Skip Right Past Them

Men Who ?Change?

Why Some Men Are Like Mosquitoes

Former Boyfriends, Why They Tend To Remain Friends

A Woman's Alarm System, Why It Doesn't Work Properly Anymore

Drug Addicts, Alcoholics, And Other Men Who ?Need? A Woman's Help

Why Some Men Like Power, Money Or Other Things Even More Than Sex

How To Be Comfortable With Men

Always Consider A Man's Sexuality And Act Accordingly

Networking: Men Are Steps That Can Lead Somewhere, Not Necessarily To Themselves

Men And Dates: Some Advice

Before Sex: ?I Don't Care About The Investment As Long As It Leads Me There?

After Sex: ?How Much Am I Going To Pay To Do It Again??

Real Sex Goddesses And Conditions After Having Sex


Why Men Commit

Getting Married Or Just Getting Something From A Man

Capitalize On Being A Woman

Using The Same Techniques Men Use

Adapting To The Passages Of Life

Marketing And Career

Strategies In Life: Consider This Example

The Three ?I's? And How They Can Change A Woman's Life

Every Morning, Before Breakfast

What, Where, When And... Who

A Woman's Basic ?Rules? To Managing Sex

Be Like A Mirror


32 Exercises

Take Action

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