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I read Stefano Spadoni's book and I found it to be simply wonderful.I was born in a little town where people often manipulate women to be sure they're unaware of their value.This mentality destroys dreams, desires and quite possibly changes your life to a direction that is heading towa...

My Philosophy

by Stefano Spadoni

I was born an Italian, but it could have happened to me had I been born Chinese, an Afghan, a Russian, a Palestinian, an American, a Congolese, an Iraqi, or an Argentinean.

I was born a Caucasian, but it could have happened to me had I been born Asian, Polynesian, African American, Hispanic or someone of mixed ethnicities.

When I was a child I was baptized a Catholic, but it could have happened to me had I been born and raised as a Buddhist, Muslim, Jew, Evangelic, Shintoist or Animist.

I was born a straight male, but it could have happened to me had I been born a woman, a homosexual, an hermaphrodite or an eunuch.

I was born with two legs and two arms, but it could have happened to me had I been born without one or all of my limbs. I can walk and run but I could have been destined to a wheelchair as well.

I was born with good sight, but it could have happened to me had I been born blind. I can hear, but I could have been deaf.

I did not choose anything that I was born with, so I have no merits or shame for it, this goes for every other human being.

Indeed, like every other human being, I have the power to make choices and the right to judge if what was taught to me was correct. As a consequence, I have the right to refute anything taught to me, if deemed incongruous to who I am and how I feel.

Indeed, I feel proud to belong to any nation in the world where you can vote freely, and where you are not incarcerated because of your opinions.

I feel proud to belong to a race that fights for justice, whatever the color of his/her skin.

And I deeply respect every religion that is respectful of others, regardless of whether it opposes what I believe in.  I deeply respect any form of sexuality that is respectful of others.

And if my birth brother became a criminal, he would no longer be my brother. The police officer chasing him would become my brother, because capturing a criminal makes this world a better one.

That's why I think racism is the greatest aberration. I look with sadness at people who say their heritage and inherent character traits are superior.  I think pride should come from the decisions you make in life and what you work to achieve.

So I look with suspicion at whoever feels they can only interact with people who share the same characteristics or heritage or for those who feel an inherent obligation toward this heritage.

I would never fight a war to defend a land just because it happened to be where I was born, I would only fight with the inhabitants of a land that has the values for which I choose to defend. I choose, first and foremost, the freedom to be what I want to be.

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