When you meet Love

(© by Stefano Spadoni)

When you meet love, true love,
don't talk to people about it.
They would tell you that it is actually nothing,
that's similar to many other love stories,
dull, routine, the same old things.
A beginning, an end,
         and in the midst an illusion.
When you meet love, true love,
don't talk to your friends about it,
don't ask for their advice.
They would tell you
that you have gone out of your mind,
that you are living in a dream
and waking up tomorrow will be painful.
When you meet Love, Love with a capital ‘L’,
do not talk about it even with the person you love:
that person would begin to play with you,
like the cat does with the mouse,
for the joy of watching it fleeing,
                  then watching it dying.
When you meet love,
love that's not right or wrong
but it's just love, nothing else,
just speak about it in your heart,
because even the moon light
                  can fade your love,
and just one word can shatter it.
Because when you meet love,
true love,
                  you are alone.


© 1998 - 2021 by Stefano Spadoni - All rights Reserved

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